Regulatory  Arbitrage or Random Errors?” by D. Greenwald, S. Howell, C. Li, E. Yimfor
Artificial Intelligence and Disparities Session, BFI-Rustandy Conference on Discrimination

TV Advertising Effectiveness with Racial Minority Representation” by Z. Jiang, D. Kim, R. Thomadsen

Updating Income Elicitation Methods to Increase Income Reporting” by W. De La Rosa, H. Hershfield, G. Rino, R. Hatch, C. Chan, J. Sutherland, E. Giannella

Serving Underserved Groups, Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making

“Racial and Gender Favoritism in Crowdfunding” by H. Diep-Nguyen, M. Price, and J. Yang
Finance and Equity Session, MFA Annual Meeting

“Bank Competition and Entrepreneurial Gaps” by X. Li
Racial and Gender Gap Session, MFA Annual Meeting

“Mission-Driven Lenders” by Y. Gong, S. Rosen, and T. Tang
Credit Union Research Workshop

“Bank Technology Adoption and Loan Production in the US Mortgage Market” by S. Jiang et al.

Yiran Fan Memorial Conference